Monday, June 21, 2010

HR Pros Can Drive Technology Innovation

Who’s Driving HR Technology Innovations?

With nearly 20 years in the human capital space both as a practitioner and vendor, it seems it’s roughly the same cast of characters driving the discussions that matter most about HR technology. Though heavily driven by vendors and moderated by analysts/thought leaders, this ongoing dialogue is where the innovation is spurred in the market. Sure, many involved in the dialogue have come and gone along the way – flashes in the pan enjoying their 15 minutes. But it’s mostly the same voices. This post isn’t about those pundits though. It’s about you, the practitioners.

Bringing the HR Technology Innovations to You, the HR practitioner.

Start first with developing an understanding of the innovation happening in the market – what direction it is moving, and how it may impact your business or department. Then select some vendors that are in alignment with your key objectives or challenges and begin to develop relationships with them – centered on evaluation of them as vendors, and their products/services. The relationships you then develop with vendors – and the influence with them that you build over time will get you to the BEST vendors to ultimately knocking at your door to work with you - AND – will ensure you have the MOST leverage in the actual buying part of that process.

But the real kicker? Those relationships will even allow you to influence the direction of product development with certain vendors which then brings perhaps the BEST result. The more you share with the right vendors over time – the SMOOTHER THE IMPLEMENTATION, THE BETTER THE USER ADOPTION, AND THE FASTER YOU GET TO ROI (if you care about any of those).

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