Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sims are everywhere

A medical simulation application from BioDigital can teach medical residents the high-technology procedure for lung resection of the upper lobe – a treatment commonly used to treat resectable lung cancers.

“The BioDigital Human platform can replicate almost any type of surgical procedure in a realistic interactive 3D virtual environment,” said Aaron Oliker, partner and director of 3D technology at BioDigital.

"[The device] allowed us to accurately reproduce the feeling of moving and manipulating the surgical tools within the patient's anatomy - and the flexibility to tailor the tactile experience in follow-on training solutions," explained Oliker.
Touch-enabled simulators allows trainees to practice their skills on computers, with no risk to patients and without the costly practice on cadavers or cadaveric organ blocks. The simulator can also collect data on residents’ progress and skill level as they practice. Click here to read the full article.

Simulations are everywhere. A simulation-based approach to learning allows people to gain a greater understanding of the skills need to master the trade. In our case, simulations allow people to experience the consequences of their actions in a realistic but risk free business environment.

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