Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How important are values?

Values that built a brand over decades if broken could destroy it in a millisecond.

How important are values?

Company values are not just important, they're vital to the overall success of building a business. Whether that business employs 10 or 10,000, without company values there is no foundation in which employees can build their success. Values show us the way to act, how to be consistent. Because like it or not, every single thing employees do either contribute to that consistency or diminish it. The more united a company is in celebrating and enforcing those values, the more value they add, collectively, to the company.Values should be at the very heart of any business - ideally, it’s what you start with - even before there is a name, an office or any employees.

No matter how big or how small the organization, often the egos of the founders can suffocate any attempt at creativity or originality. But companies where the employees are really driving the vision and the values are often the fastest growing - and the most profitable.

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