Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Service Excellence for Nurse Managers

The topic of service excellence for Nurse Managers is dear to our hearts because we've created Sims for their skill development.

Here are six key strategies for service excellence:

Step 1: Strategize for service

Where does service fit in the strategic initiatives of your department? Defining your unique service culture is akin to having your own secret pickle recipe.

Step 2: Organize for service

From the physical layout of department to the use of technology, there are proven strategies for creating a culture of service excellence.

Step 3: Select & train for service

Remember back in the day, when folks said, “she’s a great nurse, she’s just not nice”? This is no longer acceptable. Using behavior-based interviewing questions and validated pre-hire assessments allows nurse managers to select staff who already embrace the service standards of your department.

Step 4: Deliver excellent service

Well defined service behaviors which are competency based provide the foundation for service delivery. The expectation is that these behaviors are demonstrated daily and with ease.
Positive first impressions play a major role in setting the stage for service excellence. When problems do occur, service recovery procedures need to be set up to allow staff to solve service problems at the front line.

Step 5: Manage for service

As steps one through four are being implemented, the nurse manager has a major responsibility for insuring the success of the process. Communicating strategic alignment is the first step toward culture change. Do staff members in your department really understand the service vision?

Step 6: Sustain service momentum

Measuring patient satisfaction provides important data for making better decisions. Standardizing operations to decrease variation on the job is another key element.


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