Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dr Kneebone's Simulation

Dr Roger Kneebone is more than connected to the thighbone -- he's an innovator. In recognition of his contribution to the field of medical education, he has been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship.

Among the activities recognized by this award is Dr Kneebone’s work in simulation-based learning.
His work has included developing medical simulations which use both inanimate models and professional actors to create an authentic clinical scenario, as well as simulation set-ups which are low cost, realistic but highly portable, such as the inflatable operating theatre.

Click here for a hands-on demonstration of the simulated surgery on the Channel 4 programme Jamie’s Dream School.

In 2005 Dr Kneebone founded the UK’s only Masters in Education in Surgical Education. His work with young people has included involvement in the College’s Reach Out Lab.

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme aims to inspire and celebrate teacher excellence, and is funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils for England and Wales and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland.

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