Thursday, August 25, 2011

Property Investments Gamified

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia launched a website this month that allows Aussies to try their hand at investing in homes. The site is aptly named “Investorville.”

The website is targeted at existing home owners who want to invest in real estate, as well as consumers who already own an investment property. As with any simulation, the website is meant to replicate of the ongoing costs associated with owning a property without the risk of losing capital. Information about the current Australian property market is included from RP Data, a company who specialize in property information, risk management and analytics.

"The properties and data are reflective of the Australian property market and the types of properties available" says Mark Murray, Consumer Marketing General Manager for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

“The really beneficial part of Investorville is that users can, in the true sense of the term, try before they buy.”

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