Friday, September 2, 2011

Engaging the World for A Better Place

Global Action Plan, a UK based environmental organization turned to game mechanics for engaging the global community to conserve water. They created the world’s first ‘EcoInteractive’ game event named “The Water Explorer.”

According to a recent poll by Global Action Plan, only 1 in 5 people think they should personally be taking the lead in saving water.

The game made its first appearance in a shopping center in Leicester, UK during World Water Week (August 21-27). It contains three games with varying difficulty levels. A series of questions probe people who have to tap, pump or flush the amount of water that ordinary household tasks require. The quiz based game shows the value of cutting domestic water use by giving practical tips to help people make the link between water, climate change and everyday habits and products.

Players receive a personal water plan to take home, learn about water hidden in the things they buy and also find out how much water people in different countries use.

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