Friday, July 23, 2010

Ethics, corporate responsibility, and digital media

The issue of ethics in the business world is a hot topic at present, as confirmed by the Institute of Directors and other similar organizations. Reputations are built and destroyed in the commercial world by personal and corporate ethics, and they are a key part to our individual careers, our relationships and commercial success. Yet, there is little public discussion about them and the enormous role they play.

Every person, in both their professional and personal lives, experience situations that test their own personal value systems and moral frameworks. These situations may come to define our successes, failures and reputations. The globalized world of business and culture is changing ever more quickly, and many of these changes will have their effect felt, not just in our private lives, but also in the commercial worlds we inhabit.

Every major industrialized economy in the world is in a situation that is unprecedented (Jones Lang LaSalle 2009) and so the wider changes that are occurring will need careful consideration to how our ethical frameworks will fit with them.

How do we make the most of these new economic circumstances and play a positive personal and corporate role, in the wider socio-economic world we inhabit? What role do ethics have to play in mission statements? How do we navigate differences in values and resolve tensions between revenue and customer satisfaction? Click here to read some tips and advice!

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