Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outsourcing Dear John?

Hues Consulting in Atlanta has made the impersonal personal again in personnel, with a service that lets companies outsource their candidate follow-up obligations. Not since 'Rock The Boat' has Hues made news.

Hues believes that a letter or email telling them they didn't make the cut isn't enough. "People are fed up with the lack of communication. They feel disrespected, minimized and ignored. It seems companies are forgetting that human element" says Adrienne Graham, CEO of Hues.

The "Recruiter Response Team" service takes the burden of closing the loop off of recruiters' plate and gives candidates closure (along with respect and dignity).
For overworked recruiting staffs that can't find time to dump candidates themselves, the Hues Corporation solution brings the human element back to recruiting -- albeit third party disconnected humans. Better than nothing?

The phone script?
"Up to now we sailed through every storm
and I've always had your tender lips to keep me warm
oh I need to have the strength that flows from you
don't let me drift away my dear, though you didn't get the job

So I'd like to know where, you got the notion....."

It supports the employer brand...if you want it to say 'we overreach, impersonally source, cannot manage inventory, and serve our people if not well then at least the second best we can.'

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