Friday, July 8, 2011

Zynga Gamifies Privacy Policy

Zynga, creators of the wildly popular Facebook game FarmVille, has released their newest game. Only it won't let you grow crops and milk cows, but it will teach you about online privacy.

The new game, PrivacyVille, is a combination of a Zynga privacy tutorial that gives incentives for users to click through it. Players are then rewarded 200 zPoints in RewardVille, Zynga’s online shop.

Companies across the globe have been turning to Gamification for both their internal and external learning and messaging. It is easier for brands’ to get their message across if they speak the language of a new generation, through games.

"As part of our commitment to user privacy we strive to make it easier for players to learn more about the types of information we collect, how it is used and what their choices are for that information," Zynga said in a blog post. Make it a game, with real rewards. PrivacyVille is modeled after CityVille, which Zynga launched in Nov. 2010. Users are required to click through buildings representing policies such as "communications features," "management," "storage," and "email," where Zynga explains its policies for each. The goal appears to get privacy information in front of the user.

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