Friday, July 6, 2007

Basic Training Really Pays Off

Some of America's largest corporations are finding that military service has really enabled employees to be all they can be.

Companies such as Adolph Coors, American Express, and General Electric have found that reservists who return from Iraq reach exceptional performance levels, with far more seasoned management, people, and communication skills. These big companies are going out of their way to recruit and retain employees from the pool of nearly 180,000 reservists on active duty.

Federal law requires that employers give reservists returning from military service their jobs back with same level of responsibility and pay. Some companies are going much further, offering perks such as continued pay and health-care benefits when they are called into active duty, setting up transitional programs for military members, and making additional contributions to soldiers' retirement plans.

Home Depot pays the difference in salary for the entire length of duty for reservists called into action, and helps employees transfer to other Home Depot stores if the military moves their spouse to a new base. "These are people who have to deliver results," says Dennis Donovan, executive vice president for human resources. "They have to think not just tactically, but strategically. And they have to inspire people."

For a full story, please see BusinessWeek, 12/13/04

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