Friday, July 6, 2007

Collaborating... with Dress-Up Dolls

Got Collaboration?

The ability to collaborate is the key attraction to General Electric's award-winning "Imagination Cubed" online program, which allows users to create virtual line drawings.

Unveiled last week on, the program allows up to three people to doodle illustrations on the same Web page at the same time and communicate during the process through a customized chat interface.

The program experienced viral success -- participants from 140 countries e-mailed 6 million sketches to 1.5 million different recipients, GE reported.

"It's about being able to harness the creativity of several people in a single space and build on that idea" said Tim McCleary, GE global director, brand and online advertising.

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Like to watch?

Talk about on-line shopping! A new GAP campaign delivers an indelible impression, with a 3-D avatar dress-up doll and virtual dressing room . You pick your body size/person/style . She takes over from there.

Click here to see for yourself

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