Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Pharma's Pep Rally

Pharmaceutical sales representatives calling on medical professionals are often female and invariably upbeat and peppy. Less known is the fact that many traded in pom-poms to get their palm pilots.

In a crowded field of 90,000 drug representatives, former cheerleaders are applying their skills to detail doctors, and top pharmaceutical companies are competing on campus to recruit from the nation's ranks of cheerleaders.

The trend of hiring cheerleaders as sales reps has recruiters tapping cheering coaches for recommendations of potential candidates and has even led to the formation of an employment firm, Spirited Sales Leaders, in Memphis, which maintains a database of thousands of former and current cheerleaders.

Pharmaceutical sales leaders say it's not just the women’s visual appeal that earns them a spot on the Rep Squad. Their skills in delivering exaggerated motions, smiles and enthusiasm help them get people to do what they want.

In the ever-increasing competition of getting face-time with physicians...these reps say BRING IT ON!Please visit The New York Times for the full article.

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